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Who are we?

We are Registered and Enrolled Nurses from many different hospitals and Radiology Practices, and also Company Representatives who work in Medical Imaging.

The role of the medical imaging nurse has been greatly affected by the recent health care trends.  As imaging procedures become more “high tech”, persons undergoing the procedures have an increasing need for the patient-centred approach provided by registered and enrolled nurses.

Invasive, therapeutic interventions formerly performed in surgery suites are now routinely performed in Medical Imaging Departments, primarily on an outpatient population who may not have received accurate pre-procedure instructions.  These patients require nursing assessment, intervention and discharge planning from qualified care-givers.

It is vital that today’s medical imaging nurse strives to maintain an accurate up to date knowledge base to provide positive patient outcomes in the medical imaging environment.  Regular meetings provide a forum for sharing of information related to our speciality.

Our goals for 2017 and beyond are:

  • Ongoing review of national Guidelines and standards for medical imaging nursing
  • Develop new Guidelines and Standards
  • Develop competencies for medical imaging nurses
  • Improve communication nationwide via email, website and replace The Radiant (our hard copy journal) with an on line equivalent .
  • Develop a ‘Centre of Excellence’

Our Achievements

  • National communication between state MINA branches well advanced with MNRG bi-annual meetings attached to conferences
  • National database of members developed
  • 2015 MNRG changed title to MINA National with continuing bi-annual meetings.
  • 2016 commenced updating the MINA National website to provide a modern appearance with more content

Our History

The Queensland branch of MINA ( originally  called the 'RNSA', Radiological Nurses Society of Australia) had it's inaugural meeting on Wednesday 29th of January, 1986. Present were nurses from the Royal Brisbane Hospital, Greenslopes Repatriation General Hospital, Holy Spirit Hospital and the Princess Alexandra Hospital.  The RNSA grew to include members from all over Australia.

Regular meetings included guest speakers who lectured on Radiological topics. A Medical Imaging magazine was formed called 'The Radiant' with the aim to make it a National Magazine.

On the 3rd of May 1991, the Radiological Nurses Society of Australia, Queensland Branch, held the 1st National Meeting at the Ocean Blue Resort Gold Coast. This meeting was attended by 125 delegates. There were representatives  from all states of Australia and 6 representatives from New Zealand. At this meeting a National Steering Committee was formed with a representative from each state. The Steering Committee was to work towards developing a National Medical Imaging Nurses Group.

In April 1994 , the Radiological Nurses Society of Australia was renamed The Medical Imaging Nurses Association.



All members are invited to attend any education sessions hosted by any state and pay members rates (A number of workshops are free to financial members). This may be beneficial to  members living near borders e.g.. northern NSW who may want to attend MINA Qld workshops.

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All members check your state pages for updates.

There are three levels of access for this website :

1. Information open to all browsers i.e. Events, Sponsors, Home Page, Join MINA

2. Information available to all financial members .i.e Guidelines, Photo Gallery, Conference presentations authorised by presenters to all members, Sponsors sales teams contact information

3. MINA State member access only i.e. state newsletters meeting minutes or communication within the state

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MINA NSW/ACT Silhouette is now available to all financial members of MINA.
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